1. Lose The Path, Find The Way (Prod. Mamadu)
    Toki Wright

  2. At The Speed of Life 3 [EP]
    Toki Wright (Mamadu)

  3. Toki Wright - The Chaos Weapon (Produced by Mamadu)

  4. The Longest Bridge EP
    G.P.jacob (Produced by Mamadu)

  5. Cloud 9 - Toki Wright feat. Manny Phesto (Prod. Mamadu)

  6. Falling From Nothing - Dre Highway f/ Mayda, G.P. Jacob & Farrington Llewellyn (Prod. Mamadu)

  7. Mamadu - You Look Better Dancing

  8. Mamadu - Steadfast

  9. Bahamian Son - The Soundtrack
    Reggie Reg, Kevin Washington

  10. Distance Run (Prod. by Mamadu)

  11. I'm Not Lying (Produced by Lazerbeak) - Rome Sessions/Unreleased Exclusive
    Toki Wright

  12. Mind Dilla

  13. #GasMoney
    Freez featuring Tek

  14. Prelude to Pangaea
    Toki Wright & Big Cats

  15. Beef
    The Regiment feat. Guilty Simpson

  16. Off The Record
    The Regiment

  17. I Seen It All Before
    The Regiment feat.. Kam Moye (AKA Supastition)

  18. 21st Century Genius
    Mastermind x ISelf Devine x The Regiment x Reggie Reg

  19. Don't Mess With Me
    Brother Ali, Reggie Reg

  20. Love/Hate
    Mc Longshot, Reggie Reg

  21. Organized Move
    Toki Wright, Reggie Reg

  22. Short Circuit
    Toki Wright, Carnage the Executioner, & Kristoff Krane

  23. The Solution
    The Regiment feat. Toki Wright

  24. Wolf Moon
    Produced by Toki Wright

  25. Higher Ground (TNGHT Dubplate) - Smash Adams/Bungalow Sound System Exclusive
    Toki Wright

  26. Simplest Things (Uhuru Dubplate)
    Toki Wright

  27. Turn Out (Vote No)!
    Face The Vote - Toki Wright, Master Mind
, I Self Devine, Felix, Mally, 
Maria Isa, Muja Messiah +

  28. 2:03
    Toki Wright

  29. Hell On Earth (Free Verse)
    Toki Wright

  30. DenMark Vesey - ICFS -Vol 1

  31. Abdulle Elmi
    Your Brother

  32. лицо краской (Produced by Toki Wright)
    TokI Wright

  33. Therapy
    Toki Wright f/ Felix of Heiruspecs, Mastermind, & Mayda

  34. Hood Dreamin

  35. FADERS
    Toki Wright

  36. Stone St. Jangala (जंगल)
    Toki Wright

  37. See You Cry (Toki Wright Remix)
    Unlooped Versus Dilla

  38. Bashir (Star for Somalia)
    Toki Wright

  39. OCCUPY (Bobby's House)
    Toki Wright

  40. Etta Forever (Etta James Tribute)
    Toki Wright

  41. Love of My Life Freestyle
    Toki Wright

  42. No Idea's Original (2012 MW)
    Toki Wright f/ Mally and MC Longshot

  43. Ode to Maximillian Cohen (π)
    Toki Wright (Prod. by Bobby Richardson)

  44. No Gimmicks Freestyle
    Toki Wright

  45. This One Freestyle
    Toki Wright

  46. Remember We Freestyle
    Toki Wright

  47. Intellectuals Freestyle
    Toki Wright

  48. Troy Davis Funeral Procession (Produced by Toki Wright)
    Toki Wright

  49. Speed of Life (Volume 1)

  50. Real Live (feat. Yakub) *Explicit
    Toki Wright feat. Yakub (Prod. DJ Three A Day)

  51. Real Live (feat. Yakub) radio edit
    Toki Wright

  52. Best Friends (feat. Dj Snuggles)
    Dj Snuggles/Amy Winehouse

  53. 25/8/366 f/ Oskar Ly (Prod. by Lazerbeak)
    Toki Wright f/ Oskar Ly (Prod. by Lazerbeak) - UNRELEASED

  54. Toki Wright - Crusades (from the Peace-War-Love-Hate Mixtape)

  55. "Last Call" - Toki Wright & Scarub - Produced by The Commission

  56. Switch feat. Muja Messiah
    Dj Snuggles

  57. Hood Pride
    Toki Wright

  58. Shut it Down
    St Paul Slim

  59. Sun is Shining



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