I'm Not Lying (Produced by Lazerbeak) - Rome Sessions​/​Unreleased Exclusive

by Toki Wright

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Here's a previously unreleased track from Toki Wright produced by Doomtree's Lazerbeak. "I'm Not Lying" is part of the Unreleased Exclusive series as part of the Rome Sessions (tracks written while Toki Wright was touring Europe in 2012 between album releases).

Photo taken at The Colosseum in Rome


I'm Not Lying
Lyrics by Toki Wright
Rome Sessions - Unreleased Exclusive

you put yourself inside my shoes
whenever listening to tunes
it's my positioning it proves
how much our distance moves

so fish into this pool
to see what you can catch
I'm underpaid and overstressed
and stepping out the waters wet
couldn't overstep

some preparing for the second coming
some are daring yet their running
funny some will say they getting money
but the money doesn't run me (it don't)

I wrote this poem in Rome on Via Giuseppe
with a liter of the fountain water
and a bag of Nestle
out a dream about a nest egg

to lay away 'cause Labor Day
be playing with my paper chase
so I just grip a Paper Mate

and sketch a way up our of debt
through what I could do best
I could have fly a jet to Budapest, you bet
but what do you expect?
(I'm gonna sit around waiting on somebody to tell me where I can go and what I can do? Not this dude!)

No I'm not the biggest artist on my label
but I got a space to place
my paper plate up at the table
got my videos on cable
and I play in San Diego
just me and my microphone
to keep my life at home stable

so I bust it like I got a budget
gotta love it
ain't afraid to show my heart in public
and I'm not a pundit
not a puppet

people tell me I should talk about more politics
but life is politics
so yahll should follow this
acknowledge its

punishment to spit positive
but hey I gotta live
I've got a kid
I've got to say exactly how it is
not these fibs
('cause rappers be straight lying. Straight up!)

I got a beat from Lazerbeak
the other week
I told him that I need to speak
I couldn't sleep
I wrote a speech

I seen a rapper on TV
he beat a woman to the ground
while his homies looked around
as he rose into the air to stomp the ground

It made me think about the generation
that's about to take over the nation
and what we could do to save them

'cause if we just waiting patient
then my daughter'd be a patient
and I couldn't try to justify complaining

I know the world is yours
the world is mine
so it's about that time
that we drew the line
and grew a spine

cause there's no moment better
than the present for the timing

I'm not lying!!!


released 13 February 2015
Written by Toki Wright - Nanjotokimitsu Music (ASCAP). Produced by Lazerbeak - Legend Recognize Legend (ASCAP)




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